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Where's My Vehicle?

Where's My Vehicle

When making your reservation be sure to give us your telephone number* or email address to experience our new complimentary vehicle location departure service. *only USA telephone numbers apply


This feature is free and you receive it automatically as long as you provide us with either your valid U.S.A. cell phone number or a valid email address. This is how it works:

  • You will receive a text message prior to your scheduled pickup (you will receive an email, if we have your email address and not your telephone number)
  • Just click on the link in your text or email and you will see your vehicle approaching your pick up location, so the stress of wondering when and where your vehicle will arrive is now answered second by second as you watch your vehicle * approach you. See you soon!

* Some exceptions apply in our service areas where this service may not be available so please be ready 15 minutes before your scheduled departure pick up time if you don’t receive a text or an email.

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