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IMI Tours, a division of SpeediShuttle, is not your typical guided tour company in Hawaii. This is because instead of large buses, we employ local guides driving smaller vehicles from SUVs to 11 passenger Mercedes-Benz shuttles. These types of tours help create a more intimate, relaxing, and educational experience. IMI Tours offers a variety of excursions on Oahu, the Island of Hawaii, and Kauai. From Waimea Valley to Pearl Harbor, we have tours to educate, entertain, and inspire! Check out all of our Hawaii Tours and find the tour that works best for you.

Like SpeediShuttle, our tour division is a non-invasive company dedicated to revealing the truths, wonders, and history of the land and people of Hawai’i. It’s our vision to accurately share and perpetuate Hawaiian culture and history, as well as activities that are fun on our Hawaii tours. Unlike other tour operators in Hawaii, we offer resort pick-ups and drop-offs with smaller guided groups to allow for convenience and more one-on-one interaction and a personalized vacation experience.

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